They really understand how to catch that realistic playoff atmosphere

They really understand how to catch that realistic playoff atmosphere

Playing 2k on the PS5 recent days I am just hoping the madden games load as quickly as 2k. It takes like 5 minutes from selecting your team to get to tip off. It takes longer to get through the push any button screen in madden then it requires to Mut 21 coins get my first bucket in a match of 2k while starting the games up. Jumped into my first 2K game now and holy crap, that loading time is surreal. It's based off animation and also the shoulder pads. Footwork is atrocious. But I guess when my rb trips on his feet or a lineman's shadow his shoulders will probably be square...

When does this come out on sport pass? Madden has traditionally come out to EA Access round the Super Bowl. However they haven't formally announced it . And it's possible they might not do the next gen version straight away. Yeah not certain how that's going to get the job done. Next gen is a free update for people who bought it on current gen, therefore acquiring current gen on gamepass would certainly unlock the update? I'm not even sure if you are able to play with the current-gen version on next-gen consoles... You absolutely can. Unless that is a lol, Madden is unplayable joke. I mean once it is out. Like, don't do the update and play. They haven't announced it yet, which is the first cycle EA Play has been a part of Gamepass. I'm guessing it'll be sometime in Q1 2021 but I don't know for sure. I believe Madden 20 published in January 2020 to EA Play, however I can not find evidence of this anywhere.

What did 2k do? It does not appear much different at all. They updated Kobe face but not other legends and lying around constructed in the ground. They staged franchise mode. What exactly did 2k do for new gen feel me this looks to be everyone's sentiment. 2k did nothing but charging people twice for precise same game. I want gameplay. You can not even tell what's happening in this trailer. Gameplay footage is going to be the actual test. Don't expect tho much, as the majority of the animations looked exactly the exact same and a few things look off. WOW I was not expecting ANYTHING and I was still disappointed wtf.

Wait is this next gen? Looks like present xbox one. Not wanting to be a dick, but that looks like shit in comparison to that which 2k did. It is funny how bad this shit is. So with a more effective system you can't even put refs back? Jerseys still look painted on, same animations... Geez man. Perhaps I am being a bit overly critical, but yikes. The mouth pieces are still missing, I saw screen shots of these and they were all wearing the same white ones and other players were not. There was not anything in this that I don't think could of been done by current gen. Nah you're right. They deserve the criticism after years of bad work. Too much memory space is required though! Another year of owning a lifeless sideline. There is no justification besides laziness. Before they could blame it on console limitations but maybe not anymore.

They really understand how to catch that realistic playoff atmosphere. I think this. I know it's probably dumb to most to be big on immersion but immersion is still a big key for me. To see how 2k took measures to bring the bench, courtside, and lower bowl of a stadium to life and compare it to the lifeless madden sidelines? I don't even believe referees are back in there. I hope people are ready for the hard realization that whatever this gen game resembles is what all Maddens will look like on next gen consoles. They are cheap Madden nfl 21 coins not making massive improvements year over year. The single shred of trust people had was"maybe they're saving funds to create next gen as good as you can" but it looks like they added nothing lol. Meanwhile at the year 2020, the sideline does exactly the same dumbass jumping animation when another team has a positive play.